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WHY I FOSTER: People always ask how we can give them up...

Today's Guest Blogger is Jean Janeri, who (along with her husband John) has a gift for helping shy dogs blossom into loving family pets.


“The hubs” says I’ve started my second career. I work full-time and he works from home. Little did either of us know as we accepted our first foster in Oct 2017, we were undergoing a journey.

Our personal dog Emma was rescued malnourished. She didn’t like other dogs and fought for food. She LOVED us. The rescue that took her in loved her too. They were honest about her being an only dog and that suited us fine.

She aged and slowed a bit, always found the random dog who’s company she enjoyed. We hoped fostering would ease her into accepting another dog that would make her last years happier and she, in turn could teach exceptional manners to. She loved some fosters, hated all puppies and tolerated most. But “the hubs” and I found that her picky attitude taught a valuable lesson. All dogs need to tolerate each other and accept limits. We learned a lot too.

We continued fostering, hoping to find that PERFECT dog that fit into our lives. We did with #9, Tessa, and we kept on fostering. Emma passed in Dec 2018.

Here’s what happened. We LOVED each and every foster. We took ugly dogs, neglected dogs, shut down dogs and we watched them become beautiful and confident. Even BEAUTIFUL dogs had sadness in their eyes because they were given up or had lost their families. We watched as they met their new families, who sometimes cry upon meeting them. We felt this outpouring of love and “perfect match” - and sometimes the perfect match, well wasn’t so perfect. And that’s OK – we can take care of that. People always ask how we can give them up. But the real question is “how can we not?”

Please consider helping a dog find their family by fostering.

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