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About Dog DNA Testing

There has been an explosion of popularity in genetic testing for dogs. However, Scientists urge caution for dog owners who want to swab and test their pets.

  • By choosing to rescue a dog, it is assumed that you understand the dog has an mixed-breed heritage. Peak Lab Rescue has no information about this history. The best we can do is make an educated guess.

  • You may be surprised by (or unhappy with) your dog's DNA results.

While DNA results might make for fun conversation at the dog park, we strongly encourage you to take them with a grain of salt.

Please judge your rescued dog ONLY by their behavior, loyalty, and love for you!

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About DNA testing for potential health problems:

There are no established standards or oversight of the pet DNA industry. And testing companies do not reveal their methodology, so results cannot be confirmed.


In short, sales of pet DNA tests have outpaced the science. Inaccurate information about health risks can create more problems than it solves.


Please depend on your Veterinarian to help you make health decisions for your dog. They have the education and experience to help your pup life his or her best life!

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