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Peak Lab Rescue FAQ:








Do I need to fill out a new application for each dog I like? What if I don’t know which dog I want?

No. Fill out the application once. If approved, we will keep your application on file for 1 year. When you see a dog you would like to meet, please email


How do I meet one of your dogs?

At an adoption event or via the dog’s foster. If you have an approved application, email and we will provide you with the contact information for the dog’s foster. You may contact them directly to set up a meeting that is mutually convenient. Approved adopters must meet the dog in person prior to completing the adoption.


Do you have a facility I can visit?

No. We are a foster-based rescue which means all of our dogs live in private homes until they are adopted.


Do you adopt to out-of-state people?

We will adopt to people who live out of state. However, you must pick the dog up in person. We do not ship dogs.


If I am an APPROVED adopter who do I notify when I see a dog I might like to adopt?

Email Please do not rely on a comment or PM to our Facebook page.




What is the adoption fee? What does the adoption fee include?

$325. We ONLY accept electronic payments via credit card, Paypal, Venmo, or bank draft. The fee includes a full Vet check, appropriate vaccinations, deworming, spay/neuter (if older than six months), and a microchip. If, for any reason, you return the dog within 7 days of adoption you will receive a refund of the adoption fee less a $75 administrative fee.


Why do I have to sign a contract?

Signing our electronic Adoption Contract confirms to us that you will provide for the adopted dog’s well-being, physical, and emotional needs throughout the dog’s life. It confirms that you will spay or neuter the dog - Reducing the population of unwanted pets is part of our mission.

Is a fenced yard required?

Not necessarily. Requirements vary from dog to dog.


Have adoptable dogs seen a Vet?

Yes. Every Peak Lab has a full Vet check at the time of intake. This includes a complete exam, necessary vaccines, diagnostic testing, microchip, monthly flea/tick/heartworm preventatives and deworming.
Medical records will be provided to you via email 7-10 days after adoption.


If the dog I like is already adopted, will you help me find a different dog?

Absolutely! We want everyone to find the RIGHT dog for them. We will keep your approved application on file for one year.


Can you guarantee a dog’s breed or adult size?

Our Mission focuses on rescuing Lab Mixes and other dogs in need from kill shelters. Unfortunately, the inherent nature of dog rescue means we cannot guarantee a dog’s breed or adult size. The best we can do is an educated guess based on the dog’s appearance and temperament.


Is spay/neuter required? At what age should my puppy be spayed/neutered?

ABSOLUTELY! Peak Labs older than 6 months will be altered prior to adoption. Puppies under the age of 6 months must be spayed/neutered at the expense of the adopter by the date agreed upon in the Adoption Contract (usually around the age of 6 months). Peak Lab takes spay/neuter very seriously. We may follow up to ensure that each puppy is altered as agreed. VCA Apex, GoodVets Apex, and Peak City Vet Hospital may offer a discount on spay/neuter services for Peak Lab Rescue adopters. Call for a quote.



Do you offer any help with behavior problems?

It is very common for rescue dogs to lack manners. We strongly recommend obedience training for every dog. It builds trust and respect for the owner as well as improving behavior. Please see our list of Preferred Trainers.


How and when will I receive my adopted dog’s records?

Vet records will be sent via Email within 7-10 days of adoption. You should receive Microchip information via US Mail within 2 weeks of adoption. Your dog's microchip is fully prepaid and is automatically registered with AKC Reunite using the address you provided on the Adoption Application. You should receive your dog's rabies tag and certificate via US Mail within 2 weeks of adoption (if applicable).




When your foster application is approved, you MUST complete the foster training before fostering your first dog. A link will be provided in your approval email from Peak Lab Rescue.

Our dogs come from high-kill shelters in NC and go directly to our Vet for a complete physical. Generally, Fosters pick up their dog in the evening at either GoodVets Apex, Peak City Veterinary Hospital or VCA Apex. Fosters must live within 30 minutes of one of these locations. Apply to Foster HERE.

  • We provide everything - food, crate, leash, collar, etc. You provide a safe place for the dog to adjust to home life.

  • You are NOT necessarily required to have a fenced yard to be a Peak Lab Rescue Foster.

  • You may absolutely have other pets as long as they are fully immunized and in good health. Quite often, another dog is helpful in reassuring a Foster dog and showing him or her the ropes.

  • The average stay for a Peak Lab Rescue Foster dog is 2-3 weeks. This is a SHORT-TERM commitment.

  • You will be expected to make the dog available to Approved Adopters when ready (either at your home or another location convenient for both parties).

  • Peak Lab Rescue will screen and approve applicants prior to releasing your contact information.

  • We do not hold dogs. If an adopter needs more than 72 hours to take possession of the dog, please ask them to check back with you and move to the next interested adopter.

  • Peak Lab Rescue will pre-screen and pre-approve Adopters. Please process Approved Adopters on a “first come, first served” basis as we often have multiple Adopters interested in a dog. We ask that you are respectful of this, keep everyone in order, and schedule meetings with your Foster dog accordingly.

  • If you meet an Approved Adopter and feel that they are NOT a good match for your Foster dog, let us know. If you are uncomfortable telling someone no we can certainly do it for you.

  • You are absolutely responsible for collecting a signed Adoption Contract and the Adoption Fee at the time the dog leaves your possession. Both of these are now done ELECTRONICALLY. Use the "Pay $325 Adoption Fee" button in the website header to collect the fee.


How do I become a Foster? Does it cost anything to be a Foster?

We provide everything you need to Foster including: crate, food, leash, collar, any medical treatment, etc.


Who do I contact if I have a question, need supplies or vet appointment for my foster dog?



Who can I contact in an EMERGENCY?



What if I want to adopt a dog I am fostering?



Who do I contact if my Foster dog is not working out?

Email Please let us know as soon as possible. We can help you fix lots of problems and it is generally in the best interest of the dog not to upset their routine unless absolutely necessary.



If I need to surrender my dog, will you take him/her? Does it cost anything to surrender a dog?

We rarely accept owner surrendered dogs. We specifically need proof of current rabies and heartworm status. There is no charge to surrender a dog, but your tax-deductible donation is always appreciated. Email to make a surrender request.


We do not accept dogs with aggressive tendencies toward humans or other animals.


I found a dog. Will Peak Lab Rescue take it?

Many friendly stray dogs are simply lost - even ones who look bad. First, take the dog to a vet’s office to check for a microchip. Second, call Animal Control and file a “found dog” report. There are 5 Animal Control agencies in Wake County:


Raleigh 919-996-1449

Cary 919-319-4517

Garner 919-772-8896

Holly Springs 919-557-9111

All other areas of Wake County 919-856-6911


After checking with Animal Control, please post the dog here: You may email with a description of the dog (including photo) and we will see how we can help.



How do I make a donation?

Electronically HERE

Via Check payable to Peak Lab Rescue, mail to: PO Box 2184, Apex, NC 27502.

Donation questions: email


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