Volunteer Transport SAVES LIVES.

And going to a Shelter to save a Lab will change your life.


The noise. The smell. The fear. The hopelessness in the eyes of every dog is guaranteed to increase your commitment to our cause. We don't always know much about the dog(s) you so dutifully pick up and bring back to Apex. But the reality is every dog that gets in YOUR car will live to see another day.


The story of a Peak Lab starts the moment he or she gets in YOUR CAR.

Volunteer Transporters are the all-important unsung heroes of the rescue business.

EVERYTHING ELSE depends on you.

Transport FAQ:

  • Most of our dogs are located 1-2 hours from Apex.

  • We are happy to provide you with a crate (and strongly recommend you use one).

  • You will not get fleas in your car! We will provide you with Capstar (a fast-acting flea pill) if the dog to be transported has not already been treated for fleas. Use a crate.

  • Yes, the dog you pick up may be smelly, sick or injured. And no, we may not know this in advance. Again, use a crate.

  • We will make every attempt to have the Shelter complete paperwork prior to your arrival. Sometimes you will have to wait for paperwork to be done and the dog to receive vaccines prior to departure. Budget extra time for this.

  • Bring newspaper and/or towels for the crate, a slip leash (get one when you pick up the crate), dog bowl and some water. I usually throw in some Fantastic or bleach spray and paper towels as well. Messes happen.

  • BE FLEXIBLE. The dog you are planning to transport may not be the one you actually pick up. If you have room, you may bring back additional dogs. Or fewer dogs than planned. Please know that we only work with Shelters that place dogs on "Rescue Hold" so the dog will actually be there when you arrive.

  • Other Questions? Email info@peaklabrescue.com

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