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The POOP on Pee Pads

While pee pads may seem like a convenient solution for puppy potty training, they can actually hinder the process and be detrimental to a puppy's development in several ways:

  1. Confusing signals: Pee pads give mixed signals to puppies about where they should go potty. Dogs rely heavily on scent cues, and pee pads are scented with feces and urine. That’s why they work. Using pee pads inside the house can make it harder for puppies to understand that they should be going outside to potty.

  2. Delayed learning: Puppies need to learn that going potty outside is the proper behavior. By using pee pads, puppies are taught that it is okay to go potty inside, which can delay the learning process and make it harder for them to understand where they are supposed to go.

  3. Dependency: Puppies can become too reliant on pee pads, which can make it difficult for them to transition to going potty outside. This can also lead to accidents inside the house when the pee pad is not available.

  4. Hygiene: Pee pads can harbor bacteria and unpleasant odors, which can be unhygienic for both puppies and their owners. When bored puppies shred pee pads, the germy mess goes EVERYWHERE.

It's best to stick to a consistent routine of taking puppies outside to potty and rewarding them for proper behavior to ensure a successful and healthy potty training experience.

Hug you puppy for us!!

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