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We saved a family of six with only hours to spare!

We had a matter of hours on a Friday to get this family to safety. Dad was chained in a yard with a collar so tight it cut into his skin all the way around his neck. Mom had clearly been attacked by fire ants. Underweight and shaking, she fed and comforted her days-old puppies in the noisy shelter.

Despite what must have been awful treatment in the past, Tarzan raised his painful head to greet shelter staff. Lucky even allowed people to handle her tiny pups. Their number was up in an overcrowded facility and without Peak Lab Rescue it would be their last weekend.

There was more bad news to come for Tarzan and Lucky. Our Vet determined that both parents suffer from life-threatening issues. Their total cost of treatment is $6,000 and climbing.

We need YOUR HELP NOW to ensure that Tarzan, Lucky and their four pups live happily ever after. Please donate today!

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