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Watching them transform is the best feeling you can imagine!

Today's Guest Blogger is Stephanie Nunley, a special Foster for some of the neediest dogs. She gives her heart to Seniors and other ill or injured pups.

We get all types of dogs: pregnant moms, puppies, adults, seniors and sometimes very ill pups. When I see a dog that Peak has picked up that may need a little extra care (for example a senior or one that may have been neglected by his owner or may be terminally ill), it pulls at my heartstrings and the caregiver that I have inside of me steps up to the challenge. 

I have fostered a dog that had terminal cancer, Seniors that may have only have 1 or 2 good years and some that only had a few days left to give. 

Saving a dog is so rewarding no matter how long.  Watching them transform from scared to playful and loving and watching their personalities come alive is the most rewarding feeling you could ever imagine. Giving them all that you can so that they can be comfortable and making them feel loved is what fostering is all about.

Sometimes a dog’s life prior to coming to Peak Lab Rescue may not have been the best. But now that they are safe, they will have the best life if only for a short time.

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