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Vet Tech and Volunteer Takes on Many Roles

Here's another installment from Guest Blogger Julia Young, Cary Academy student and PLR Foster.

Emma Register has been a Peak Lab Rescue Volunteer for three years (measured in dog years, her volunteering experience is officially able to drink!). Her main role as a Vet Tech at VCA Apex is making sure dogs get the care they need, but she helps out at events and fosters pups as well.

Her first foster dog, Juliet, was sweet and shy and hard for Emma to let go of. Emma's favorite part about helping rescue dogs is their transformation. She loves watching them slowly begin to transition from broken souls just from the shelter to loving, trusting, and loyal pets.

While she loves the dogs, Emma thinks the humans who help out with PLR are pretty great too. Volunteers Debbie, Karen, and Lyn are some of the main reasons why Emma has continued volunteering with PLR. Emma is loyal, friendly, and goofy, and loves to talk with her dogs. She’ll baby them, but also just ramble about random things in her life. Emma says she likes to think of the dogs as her little therapists.

Emma thinks she’s most similar to a Hound, because of her talkative nature combined with her natural chill and relaxed self. She highly recommends adopting a dog from PLR, and asks that you try to understand them. It’s a hard adjustment sometimes from a shelter to a real home.

Above everything else though, Emma hopes that every PLR adopter gives their rescue dogs unconditional love forever and always.

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