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Sheldon loves the littlest ones...

Today's Guest Blogger is Sheldon, a brown dog who doesn't know how to count. But if he did, he would tell you he's Fostered more than 350 puppies.

Someone said they couldn't Foster because they already have a dog. Well, my name is Sheldon and I am a dog who Fosters puppies. Which means you CAN do it!

A long time ago I was born in a bad place. Then I came to this house and I am still here. Because I'm in the family now. My Mom kept bringing other puppies to our house but none of them stayed forever. Which is called Fostering.

Baby puppies don't know anything. They don't understand any normal words and sometimes they are even scared of people. I show them it's alright. I also teach them manners like don't bite my privates and don't pull on my tail. Oh, and don't try to play with me when I'm going to the bathroom because everyone needs privacy. I teach them not to mess with someone else's food bowl and don't bite too hard when we play. I work every day on this teaching so the puppies can leave very soon and I can relax.

My brother Lenny hates puppies. All he teaches them is personal bubble. Personal Bubble. PERSONAL BUBBLE! Then he leaves. He's not very helpful.

So here's a good idea. You should try Fostering and see if your dog likes it. You can try a small puppy or a regular dog or even an old grandpa if you want. The dogs will come from a bad place like I did and they will always remember that you saved them.

My mom teases me and says I'm not so smart. But she knows that my smartness isn't in my head. It's in my heart.

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